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Leverage the power of email marketing without any learning curve or complexity.

  • Sell more to new and existing customers
  • Convert your site traffic into leads and leads into sales
  • Build your brand and grow your followers

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Easy Email Marketing Built to Grow Your Business

Everything you need to send email campaigns in a few clicks

Easily build, grow, and manage your subscribers’ list

Turn casual site visitors into loyal subscribers. Easily add, filter, and organize your subscribers in one place.

  • Build your subscribers’ list with our friendly Lead Generation plugin for WordPress
  • Automatically add your leads to the SiteGround Email Marketing Tool, thanks to our ready integrations with popular lead-gen plugins for WordPress
  • Easily import contacts from anywhere to your Email Marketing account
  • Use a ready-to-go unsubscribe page
Easy audience management
No-code email builder

Create impactful emails to engage your audience

With our intuitive, no-code email builder, you can create beautiful and engaging emails that help you build strong relationships with your current clients and leads.

  • Create emails quickly with pre-built layouts or start from scratch
  • Write messages in minutes using the in-built AI Assistant
  • Use our ready, AI-generated image gallery to save costs and prep your mails faster
  • Enjoy 100% responsiveness for all devices

Smartly segment subscribers and send mass mails

Get the best results with our easy-to-use features to send the right message to the right people at the perfect time.

  • Test your campaign before you hit send
  • Schedule your email campaigns to be sent at the most convenient time
  • Create interest groups and target them with different messages
Smart email marketing features
Built-in analytics

Collect data to understand your audience & boost conversions

Keep track of open rates, click rates, unsubscribe rates to understand what’s working and what’s not. Refine, improve, and grow with every email.

  • Make better decision with clear data
  • Track your marketing progress

One email marketing tool, countless uses

  • Promotional emails

    Drive sales, launch new products, or simply reward loyal customers. Every email is a golden opportunity to boost your bottom line.

  • Newsletters

    Keep your audience engaged and informed with newsletters and ensure your subscribers always have something valuable to look forward to in their inbox.

  • Seasonal emails

    From festive offers to seasonal greetings, connect with your audience on special occasions and make every celebration memorable.

  • Updates

    Never let your subscribers miss out on what's new. Ensure your audience is always in the know of new policy changes, fostering trust and transparency.

  • One email marketing tool, countless uses
  • One email marketing tool, countless uses
  • One email marketing tool, countless uses
  • One email marketing tool, countless uses

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Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is email marketing?

Email marketing stands out as an exceptionally effective marketing channel due to its direct and personalized nature. It lets you reach a large number of people right in their inboxes and it’s more affordable than many other marketing methods. On top, you can tailor your emails to fit your audience’s interests, boosting their engagement. Also, it’s easy to track how well your emails are doing in terms of opens, clicks, and actual conversion, helping you make smarter marketing decisions. And most importantly, it keeps your customers thinking about your brand through regular contacts.

How to start with email marketing?

Firstly, you need to choose an email marketing platform that suits your needs, taking into account factors such as ease of use, features, and pricing. SiteGround Email Marketing tool is one of the easiest ways to get started thanks to the simplicity of the interface, smart AI integrations to save you work and time, and no learning curve. Kick-off with a 30-day trial, accommodating up to 500 contacts for free.

If you do not have contacts or leads to which you can send emails, you should consider building an email list next. This can be easily achieved by using sign-up forms on your website, during purchases, or at events. Tools like SiteGround Email Marketing will give you a plugin that automatically creates such signup forms for your WordPress site so you can start collecting leads and build your subscribers list.

What email marketing tools do?

Email Marketing platforms offer tools, which help you create and send email campaigns, manage subscribers, and effectively promote your brand and engage with customers and leads. They usually provide options for designing visually appealing emails, segmenting subscribers based on specific criteria, analyzing performance indicators such as open rates and conversions. Additionally, email marketing platforms ensure compliance with email regulations by offering features to manage consent and handle unsubscribe requests, which helps in adhering to laws like GDPR.

How to use SiteGround for email marketing?

The SiteGround Email Marketing tool is one of the easiest and most user-friendly tools on the market for email campaign management. It can be used effectively by beginners in the email marketing fields, as well as advanced users that wish to save time and avoid complexities. The tool comes with a no-code email builder, responsive designs, and an AI Writing Assistant and AI-generated image gallery for creating compelling content. The tool also offers built-in analytics to monitor campaign performance and out-of-the-box compliance with mail regulations. You can start with a 30-day free trial, managing up to 500 contacts. This trial period is an excellent opportunity to test the tool's capabilities and see how it fits your business goals.

How to build my email list?

You can leverage our Email Marketing plugin for WordPress to build your email list with SiteGround Email Marketing. This plugin allows you to create custom sign-up forms and integrate them into your web pages, enabling visitors to subscribe to your marketing campaigns easily. When visitors submit their contact details through these forms, the plugin automatically adds them to your Contacts list in the SiteGround Email Marketing tool. For detailed steps on installing and connecting the plugin and creating and managing sign-up forms, refer to our knowledge base.